Guidance for long-standing unsolved health problems-

Nowadays there are many patients seen wandering here and there in search of perfect treatment and perfect doctor for their long-standing unsolved health problems (mainly abdominal troubles) inspite various modes of treatments taken ending with disappointing results often. Inspite of correct diagnosis and treatment permanent relief seems far away. Why? There is scientific reason behind it to realise and proceed with scientific solutions accordingly. Here you can get guidance for ways to relief of unsolved health issues and paving way for universal health ahead.

( Elementary Course)-
(For Organisations and Corporates)

Human being is health illiterate by birth unlike every other animal species. Hence this course is created by Dr. Sanjay Gadekar to make every person health qualified to make one able to deal with their own disease management and health management successfully well tuned with medical treatment by their doctors. Medical science is there to repair your health problems for which doctors and medical field is serving round the clock, Universal science is there to help everybody to restore their own Universal health provided one learns scientific health process to gain Universal health. The online certificate course for the same is launched by well reputed 98 years old university with UMS HEALTH to wipe human health illiteracy aimed to make everybody health qualified to sooth their living healthy aiding healthy ageing and lifespan. Fully automated online course of sixty hours only of its’ own kind.

( Elementary Course )-
( For College students/ staff from Educational Institutions )

This is specifically aimed make new generation health qualified while they are getting educationally qualified. Educational qualifications topped with health qualifications will definitely enlighten students personality towards their brighter work performance and health performance in future, Dr. Sanjay Gadekar believes. Specifically female students will be contributing to creating healthier population ahead under their health qualified abilities being governing person in her family. In addition students of RTMNU ( Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University ) Nagpur, India will be getting four credit points with endorsing their health qualifications on their degree certificates. Other university students can contact to assure what way credit point benefits can be for them, otherwise due course certificate is issued to everybody doing the course like organisations and corporates people.


NOW YOU CAN GET ONLINE - Solutions for your unsolved and unrelieved health problems from the comfort of your home.

    There cannot be a Doctor at Every home, but UMS Health can be

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What is Universal Health

This web portal is aimed to guide people suffering from long-standing unsolved health problems and pave the way for Universal health for everybody under scientific dedicated online course launched by a century old well reputed University for Active Regenerative health approach by UMS HEALTH under expertise, experience, studies, research and discoveries of eminent senior general and laparoscopic surgeon Dr. Sanjay Gadekar. You need to shift your paradigm for your successful disease management and health management.

With treatment under modern medicine we become disease-free and not healthy. To gain and maintain health is fully in our hand. Doctors can make us disease-free with their expertise, becoming healthy remains fully on our own efforts. Only lifestyle changes, some exercises, yoga and much more similar acts for health making are vague approach towards health making, hence vague results. It needs Universal scientific approach to gain and maintain Universal health. This website is to help people realize the basic facts of Universal health. It is based on the experience, work, study and realization of Universal health by Dr. Sanjay Gadekar, a senior general and laparoscopic surgeon from Nagpur, India. It is an attempt to present it to the people at large and guide them to proceed towards Universal health, if they agree with Dr. Sanjay Gadekar’s view about Universal health. Its overall view of Dr. Sanjay Gadekar that diseases are almost inevitable in modern living due to some deficiencies in our innate abilities and many factors of modern living beyond our personal control. But he strongly believes that we can control and manage the factors within our personal reach to plan and proceed towards Universal health aiming for healthy ageing and confident living. It is not that doing this diseases will not catch us, but we can deal with them more efficiently and effectively on account of gained Universal strength within. People can use this guidance for their health making if they agree with Dr. Sanjay Gadekar.


A Scientific program developement under studies, research, efforts and a short course under continuing education by RTMNI, Nagpur

Dr. Sanjay Gadekar

Senior General and Laparoscopic Surgeon


UMS HEALTH Introduction to Active Regenerative Treatment & Keynote Presentation

Introduction to Active Regenerative Treatment Dr. Sanjay Gadekar is a senior General and Endo-Laparoscopic surgeon. He is innovative surgeon and researcher.Special focus on gastrointestinal diseases and worked on unsolved abdominal troubles inspite of various treatments taken.Invented portable and foldable ‘Tabletop Major Mobile Operation Theatre System’, Govt of India awarded a patent for it. It was successfully demonstrated at Military hospital Kamptee during Kargil war. Introduced ‘Dial pad technique’ for self assessment of abdominal troubles for people. Penned a book in English, Hindi and Marathi for health awareness title ‘Our lifestyle - Boon or Goon to our health’ Was working on way to proceed to Universal Health triggered after untimely death of his father by throat cancer. In a recent past he founded and launched ‘Active Regenerative Treatment’ to pave the way for Universal Health after vast studies and discoveries. In a current devastated scenario of health in this pandemic times his approach should prove boon towards Universal health.

    What you will learn:

  • Why mankind is more diseased ?
  • Scientific reasons behind that.
  • Solutions to live not only disease-free, but healthy and stay healthy.
  • Planning for Healthy Life.
Dr.Sanjay Gadekar's


UMS Health Guidance/ Treatment Systems

UMS Health Package includes Passive treatment (Medical / Surgical treatment at UMS recognised centres) and Active Regenerative Treatment from UMS Health Team

Abdominal health problems are common ailment in moderen human living, many conditions are seen unrelived even after various modes of treaments taken. There is obvious scientific reason behind that to be seriously understood and taken care of.

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These are commonally seen conditions mostly needing surgical interventions. For Hernias, Piles recurrence is also seen after treatment many times for an obvious reasons. Hence, proper pre-operative health rehabilition under Universal Health can assure satifactory results.

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It is dreadful condition griping the whole world in modern living. We are getting cancer free under modern treatment modalities, but the problems of disease recurrence and allied debilities and morbidities remians there unless we dont proceed towards Universal Health from a mere cancer disease-free status. Hence, it is more required to servive as Universal Healthy person than to be only as a cancer survivor.

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Female infertility, male impotence and other unsolved related issues.
Reproductive health sexual health is crucial health issue in modern living contributing many factors for its disturbances. Meticulous analysis and management is needed for satisfactory results. It requires systematic blend of passive treatment with active regenerative health approach.

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Geriatric health issues and its’ prudent management.
Old age is very challenging in modern living due possibilities of multiple diseased conditions and ageing debility issues. Meticulous planning and execution for ill health management is very crucial at this phase of life. Loss of love, isolations and loneliness may also add to the gravity of old age problems. Hence persistent back support of finely tuned passive treatments and active regenerative health approach with improving their courage to live well is need of the time.

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Dilemma solution whether to opt for surgical or conservative management of some specific diseases where both options may have ways out for relief. There are also some essential considerations for patients undergoing any surgery for successful outcome of surgeries reducing chances of associated complications.

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Liver and kidney diseases are rising nowadays many times needing organ transplants. Such transplants are tedious job on both patient and hospital sides for availability of donors and other related factors. Hence meticulous case selections and assessing the chances of diseased organ revival under active regenerative health approach. Moreover, patients selected for transplants should undergo pre-operative body-building under active regenerative health approach to support the success of outcome of a transplant.

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Though there are many ill factors of modern living affecting our health adversely, we can try our level best make us cancer and pandemic resistant to assure health confident living. I shor we can make our own health horoscope aimed towards Universal health and make it realise of our own under science of the Great Universe learning our health process systematically and due execution of it.

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Heart and lung are two very important vital organs, diseased conditions of which may prove life threatening if not taken care of properly in time.Human heart is very strong but very vulnerable vital organ for life threatening heart diseases of human being in modern living. Apart from proper medical treatment of the heart, its strengthening under active reiterative health approach is need of a time to avoid serious health mishaps and health confident living.

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Health is everybody’s birth right, but can get only after learning it.


Health Guidance Registration for Unsolved Health issues

  • New patient Registration
  • Opinion about solution for the condition
  • Passive Treatment Suggestions
  • Active Regenerative Treatment Suggestions


  • Course Fee for an Individual
  • Contact us for Discounted Course Fee of Group Registrations
  • Improves health index of employees to assure good health
  • Helps employees to be more energetic for improved work output and promote healthy living.
  • Helps minimise employees sick leaves and also save associated work compensation cost
  • Minimises organisation expenses on ill health management of employees
  • Improves healthy atmosphere at work places.


  • Course Fee For an Individual
  • Contact us for Discounted Course Fee of Group Registration
  • Helps students to be health qualified while getting educationally qualified.
  • Four credit points for students of RTMNU ( Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University) after clearing the course with endorsement of this health qualification on their degree documents.
  • Certificate of health qualification for other students after clearing the course.
  • Improves chances of better placement being health qualified.
  • Will help create more healthier health enlightened future generation.
  • Helps improve overall personality of student improving career and health performance in future.

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